Samrick’s Basket

1 Mar

Originally uploaded by Samhines.

My nesting instinct continues to gain steam.  Last night, I assembled the baby's bassinet.  We got it a few weeks ago at our baby shower, but when we got home we discovered the basket had been damaged during shipping.  I filled out a form on the manufacturer's website and a week later a new basket arrived.  Very good customer service.

Yesterday, we also interviewed pediatricians.  I think we are going to go with the doctor who didn't seem to prejudge us as "difficult parents" when we told him Sam was giving birth at The Birth Center.  Sam is only giving birth there because she hates hospitals.  The doctor seemed to be hostile to a Birth Center birth because parents who have their children there are more likely to reject immunization and other mainstream medical practices.  While I understand his concern about parents who do have those parenting preferences, I did not find it professional for him to prejudge us based on no information other than where we choose to have our baby.

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