Impatience makes the world go round. Or maybe soccer.

4 Mar

I am getting very restless.  I want that baby out now.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I was the one actually carrying the baby.  I've been tormenting the cats all morning because I want to play with the baby and they are the most baby like things in the apartment.  Gabe even runs away when he sees me coming.  I know, it's sad.

When I'm not obsessing over the baby, I habe been doing all that other stuff that I do.  I'm reading an interesting book, How Soccer Explains the World, which tries to use soccer as a metaphor to explain the effects of globalization.  While the book is not very rigorous in its methods, it is a very unique way of exploring the topic.  Perhaps its best contribution is showing how the global and the local interact.  Soccer is a global phenomena, but one that takes on the color of the local in which it is played.  For example, Brazil plays some of the best soccer in the world, but has been unable to turn it into a profitable league sport like professional athletics in the United States because of corruption, a local specialty.  I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding just how meaningful soccer is to the world outside the United States.

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