“My Stupid Car!”

22 Mar

Well, the car seat can't go in the middle.  There is no LATCH mounting points for that position and the center seatbelt won't hold the car seat tight enough.  Sam can still squeeze into the passenger seat when the car seat is in place on the passenger side of the car, but it certainly doesn't look comfortable.  I'll be doing all the driving from now on.  I think it is Karma getting its revenge for all the times I've made Sam drive because I didn't want to.

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One Response to ““My Stupid Car!””

  1. Anna March 23, 2007 at 8:39 am #

    If you do end up getting a new car, I recommend the Toyota Highlander. We bought a 2003 Limited version back in October and there is a ton of leg room in the back seat (so the car seat won't interfere with your front seats!). We had Allee riding around in there with no problem over the weekend. There's also a hybrid version.

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