Obama ’cause he’s the only adult left in the room.

9 May

I cast my absent voter ballot yesterday in the Montana Democratic Primary. Although I seriously considered writing in my boy John Edwards, I voted for Barak Obama. I did so in the vain hope that a strong victory in Montana would help to finally force Hilliary Clinton out of the race (something that should have happened two months ago when Obama's nomination became inevitable). While I remain highly skeptical of Obama's ability to make significant changes to the policy status quo and am uncomfortable with some of his policy proposals (no health care mandates!), my doubts about Hilliary are much greater.

Although she has the ability to throw an elbow or two to bring about significant policy changes, she appears to believe public policy is a tool to be used for political gain rather then to make positive changes in people's lives.  This belief is one that is shared by George W. Bush and it will prove to be the tragic legacy of his presidency.  If you don't understand what I mean, take a look at the two most significant policy changes under his belt, NCLB and Medicare Part D. Both have been complete policy disasters. Further, Bush and his cronies are so uninterested in the substance of public policy that our government has rivaled that of failed states in the sheer level of incompetence, corruption, and malevolence it has exhibited the past eight years.  When you don't care how government governs, it can't. While there is no way Hilliary could be as bad as George W or John McSame, especially with policy wonk Bill around, her pandering on the Gas Tax Holiday and her rejection of policy experts means Obama would make a better president.  He won't be a transformative president, but at least the grown ups will be in charge again.  After eight years of George Bush, that's still pretty transformative.

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One Response to “Obama ’cause he’s the only adult left in the room.”

  1. Rosemead Herald May 11, 2008 at 4:13 am #

    I like your blog and will be back. Take care.

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