Add custom icons to Reeder on the iPad

3 Feb

Reeder's Feed Display with "Touch" icons, most of them empty.

I am a big fan of Reeder for iPad, a top Google Reader Client for the iPad. One of Reeder’s unique features is its use of “apple touch icons” its feeds display when a website makes them available. A downside to this feature is that most websites do not currently offer a touch icon for Reeder to display and there is no way to specify a custom icon from within the application. This leaves many feeds with empty icons.

After searching for a possible solution, I realized that Reeder must be caching the icons on the iPad and I could use iPhone Explorer, a free file browser for iOS devices, to locate the files on my iPad. Sure enough, they are located at Apps/Reeder/Documents/TouchIcons (See the screenshot below). The files are simply PNG graphics named after the website they are used for. By creating a 129×129 PNG file with the URL of the website (e.g., and dragging it to this folder, you can make custom icons for any feed. You have to close and restart Reeder for the changes to take effect.


One Response to “Add custom icons to Reeder on the iPad”

  1. Matt K January 17, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Wow, thank you so much for letting us know about this! It was bugging me that 3/4 of my feeds had the generic rss icon. Now I can go make lots of lovely icons. You’ve just made my Reeder usage a lot more pretty.

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