An Omen of Things to Come: A City Bus Adventure

24 Feb

Although it won’t be officially confirmed by the City Council until Monday, the Mayor has appointed me to the Missoula Urban Transportation District (MUTD) Board of Directors. MUTD is responsible for the Mountain Line, Missoula’s bus system. After attending today’s board meeting as an observer, I had to literally race out to catch my bus. I missed it by about a minute, which is really horrible when the wind chill is -10°. I proceeded to my backup plan, but managed to be on the wrong side of the street with my back turned because I was cowering in a bus shelter when bus #2 passed. This required a long march to the Transit Center, which was about a half mile away. I managed to be passed by another City Bus whose existence I was unaware of along the way and arrived at the Transit Center two minutes too late to catch my connection to back to the University. I had to wait 15 minutes to catch the next bus and arrived 15 minutes late to class. Not a particularly auspicious beginning to my term of office, nor very professional to arrive late to class. Thankfully, my students waited for me. Lesson learned for next month: Take the car!


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