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“The one where wii buy a new car”

2 Apr

First, a warning to all my friends who are planning on having children.  There are many things Big Baby doesn't tell you about being pregnant.  One of them is how excruciating the last few weeks are.  You're just bored senseless waiting for the baby to decide its time to come out.  Come on Samrick!

Second, Sam and I solved our car seat problem by buying a car instead of the much cheaper option of just getting a smaller car set.  We stuck with our beloved Toyota and got a 2005 Camry.  We got a really good deal.  If you're looking for a car in Missoula we definitely recommend Sunshine Motors.  I should post a picture because it lasts longer, but I'm too lazy.  Maybe tomorrow.

Third, as a reward for having my baby I got Sam a Wii.  (Screw diamonds!  We want to make Miis out of all our friends and then kick the crap out of them in Wii Boxing.  I've started with Nils and I'll be working my way through my Friends List the rest of the week).  I've been looking for a Wii for months and this morning I saw them in the Wal-Mart circular.  There was a minimum of 7 per store, so I called them up and they had 2 left.  I jumped in the car and drove across town and got the last one.  Yeah me!  Now we have two babies and since one of them is still in Sam's belly, we know who's my favorite.

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