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Did you know…

20 Jun

First off, did you know that "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence?  I will defer to the experts, but it only makes sense to me if you write it "Buffalo buffalo that Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."

Second, did you know that men undergo biological changes to prepare for parenthood just like women?  This is especially true for men who spend time with their pregnant partner.  So ladies, spend lots of time with your man during your pregnancy so his hormone levels will change to make him more paternal by becoming more maternal.

Finally, just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed taking care of my daughter the last two and half weeks.  She is a dream baby and I have even greater respect for mothers. 

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Samrick’s here!

7 Apr

Lorelei Vienna Hines arrived yesterday morning at 6:59 a.m.  She's was 7 lbs 2 oz and 20" long.  And she's got my nose.  Baby and mother are doing well.  I'll post a little more in a few days when I have the time (and energy!).  I'm sure Sam will have some things to say too when she's feeling up to it. 

Grandma Schmehl
Grandpa Hines

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Waiting for baby is like waiting for Godot!

5 Apr

Here baby, baby, baby!  Well, that didn't work.  Guess we're still waiting.

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“The one where wii buy a new car”

2 Apr

First, a warning to all my friends who are planning on having children.  There are many things Big Baby doesn't tell you about being pregnant.  One of them is how excruciating the last few weeks are.  You're just bored senseless waiting for the baby to decide its time to come out.  Come on Samrick!

Second, Sam and I solved our car seat problem by buying a car instead of the much cheaper option of just getting a smaller car set.  We stuck with our beloved Toyota and got a 2005 Camry.  We got a really good deal.  If you're looking for a car in Missoula we definitely recommend Sunshine Motors.  I should post a picture because it lasts longer, but I'm too lazy.  Maybe tomorrow.

Third, as a reward for having my baby I got Sam a Wii.  (Screw diamonds!  We want to make Miis out of all our friends and then kick the crap out of them in Wii Boxing.  I've started with Nils and I'll be working my way through my Friends List the rest of the week).  I've been looking for a Wii for months and this morning I saw them in the Wal-Mart circular.  There was a minimum of 7 per store, so I called them up and they had 2 left.  I jumped in the car and drove across town and got the last one.  Yeah me!  Now we have two babies and since one of them is still in Sam's belly, we know who's my favorite.

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“My Stupid Car!”

22 Mar

Well, the car seat can't go in the middle.  There is no LATCH mounting points for that position and the center seatbelt won't hold the car seat tight enough.  Sam can still squeeze into the passenger seat when the car seat is in place on the passenger side of the car, but it certainly doesn't look comfortable.  I'll be doing all the driving from now on.  I think it is Karma getting its revenge for all the times I've made Sam drive because I didn't want to.

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“The One Where Eric Realizes He Needs a Bigger Car”

20 Mar

My parents like to tell me how when my twin sister and I came home from the hospital a month early, we rode in a laundry basket in the back seat.  They don't let you do that anymore, so Sam and I purchased a car seat.  Last night, we decided to install it because we are having the hospital check our installation this afternoon.  Good thing considering our experience.

There is a constant stream of studies showing that the vast majority of car seats are not installed properly.  Samantha and I, being highly educated individuals, just couldn't understand why over 90% of car seats in Montana are improperly installed according the Montana Highway Patrol.  We thought:  "Are people really that dumb?"  Well, the good news after our experience installing the car seat is that we no longer think people are that dumb.  The bad news is that installing a car seat is HARD! 

There were two major sources of our difficulty installing the car seat.  First, the installation manual contained poorly written directions and generic illustrations.  The authors of the installation manual could use a primer on technical writing and should make use of seat specific illustrations. Second, our car's owner's manual indicated that the best place for the car seat was directly behind either of the front seats.  In order for the car seat to fit in either of these places, we would have to move the front seat as far forward as possible rendering the front seat inaccessible to a passenger.  Given my large size and Samantha's above average height, neither of us can ride comfortably in the back seat either.  In fact, it is essentially impossible for me.  The effect would have been to make the car usable by only one parent if baby was on board.  Since it is a well established that the safest position for the car seat is in the center of the rear seat,  we installed it there instead.  Even in the middle, it's a tight squeeze.  I just hope its o.k. to install it there, which we'll find out later today.  Otherwise, we're gonna need a bigger car!

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Coming to term with fatherhood

14 Mar

We visited the midwife again today.  We are at 36 weeks, five days.  That means on Friday, we will officially have brought our baby to term (37 weeks).  Now, we just need to get Samrick to come out.  Sam is hoping the baby arrives during Spring Break.  She'll get to start her maternity leave early and I'll get some sleep before going back to class.

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