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Conservative Split leads to Commentator’s Dismissal

18 Oct

A conservative talking head got dismissed from his think tank job for writing a book called The Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy.

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Bush loses the independents

25 Jun

Wow, Republicians really do live in their own reality:

Jerome takes a closer look at the latest ARG poll, and zeroes in on one of the poll's most astonishing findings:

             Approve  Disapprove
Republicans 84 12
Independents 17 75
Democrats 18 77

If Rove and Co can't move those independents back into their column, they're going to be in a world of hurt.

(via Daily Kos)

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Weekly World News strikes again

25 Feb

What's gotten into the Weekly World News? Last week, I posted a link to a story they had written about Bush changing his name to God. This week, they are reporting more demigod-like behavior from the President:

With his controversial $500 million inaugural ball behind him, President George W. Bush has dropped another financial bombshell — he's shelling out $82.5 million for a jewel-studded crown and sabletrimmed cape to wear during his second term in office.

And when new Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pointed out that the Constitution bans blueblood titles, he snapped, "Heck, let's change it. Get me an amendment so I can be called 'Your Highness.' "

Insiders add that the Commander in Chief bristles at the suggestion that the traditional trappings of European monarchs send the wrong message to the American people, 40 million of whom live in grinding poverty.

I'm starting to think they might not like W as much as they did last year.

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“Transparent” is a word that means in this case …

24 Feb

Most ironic statement of the day:

PRESIDENT BUSH: I live in a transparent country. I live in a country where decisions made by government are wide open and people are able to call people to — me to account, which many out here do on a regular basis. Our laws and the reasons why we have laws on the books are perfectly explained to people. Every decision we have made is within the Constitution of the United States. We have a constitution that we uphold. And if there's a question as to whether or not a law meets that constitution, we have an independent court system through which that law is reviewed. So I'm perfectly comfortable in telling you our country is one that safeguards human rights and human dignity, and we resolve our disputes in a peaceful way.

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You reap what you sow

20 Feb

Iowa was a "red state" this time around. Guess Iowans thought voting for the Republicans was good for farming. Well, Bush just gave the farmers the finger:

President Bush will seek deep cuts in farm and commodity programs in his new budget and in a major policy shift will propose overall limits on subsidy payments to farmers, administration officials said Saturday.

Such limits would help reduce the federal budget deficit and would inject market forces into the farm economy, the officials said.

The proposal puts Mr. Bush at odds with some of his most ardent supporters in the rural South, including cotton and rice growers in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.

You reap what you sow. Farmers should not that better than anyone.

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Best. Story. Ever.

16 Feb

The Weekly World News has the scoop:

In a major sign that President Bush believes he has a huge mandate from his reelection, he's changing his name to "God."

"Bush has already remarked that God wanted him to be President," a top cabinet official says. "By changing his name to 'God,' he's just making it official."

I really like their depiction of the Democratic opposition as being "god-whipped":

Says a top Democratic senator, "We can't come out against God. We'll get killed."

Link: Weekly World News: BUSH CHANGING HIS NAME TO 'GOD' …

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25 Jan

Is there not a single public policy issue that Bush and I agree on? Now the money to fix the Hubble Telescope may be cut by the White House.

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