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Maripzan Horses and Cheesecake Dreams.

7 Mar

I hate Marzipan.  I love cheesecake.  That is why my dreams put me in a very difficult position last night when they made me argue the superiority of Marzipan to cheesecake with a chef that looked a lot like Sookie from Gilmore Girls.  Our argument centered on whether it was possible to use cheesecake to construct the same elaborate objects molded from marzipan.  I argued cheesecake was simply not up to the task  Sookie disagreed and kept telling me she could make the same objects out of cheesecake.  We got into a rhythm where I would propose an object and then challenge her ability to make it with cheesecake.  Finally, I got fed up and told her there was no way she could make a horse out of cheesecake that was as finely detailed as a horse made out of marzipan.  She finally relented and I was able to get some sleep.

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