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Two odd dreams.

4 Mar

I had two really vivid dreams the other night starring my good friend, Dawn. In the first dream, humanity had been mostly wiped out in some sort of apocalypse. I had gathered with some of the others 10% of humanity that had survived in Portland, OR. My friend Dawn died. At this point, the dream switched from third person to first person. I then proceeded to cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. Seriously, I was really, really sad that my friend had died. Maybe it was just the pent up frustration with all the death and carnage around me, but I was more sad about what happened then I think I have ever been in real life. I guess that what dreams are for. 

In my second dream, my mind decided to try to repair the damage from the first dream and it sent me to a wedding. I don't  know whose wedding it was (I have a feeling it might have been Nils!). While most of the dream was like me standing in a doorway looking at all the guests who were a mix of high school friends and my current students, the end was the most interesting part. Dawn was alive!!! And also the table cards at the reception telling you where to sit were vocabulary flashcards. That is my only clue as to whose wedding it was, and if you know Nils, he is like the only person I know who would might use his wedding to increase his guest's vocab. Anyway, my word was a word that described the annihilation of the human race in the first dream and I was very excited to show it to Dawn. Sadly, I cannot remember the word. The wife pointed out that the real word for it was decimated, which pissed me off because I totally wanted to use that word correctly as some point in my life and I blew my big chance. My dream word was even cooler though.

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Maripzan Horses and Cheesecake Dreams.

7 Mar

I hate Marzipan.  I love cheesecake.  That is why my dreams put me in a very difficult position last night when they made me argue the superiority of Marzipan to cheesecake with a chef that looked a lot like Sookie from Gilmore Girls.  Our argument centered on whether it was possible to use cheesecake to construct the same elaborate objects molded from marzipan.  I argued cheesecake was simply not up to the task  Sookie disagreed and kept telling me she could make the same objects out of cheesecake.  We got into a rhythm where I would propose an object and then challenge her ability to make it with cheesecake.  Finally, I got fed up and told her there was no way she could make a horse out of cheesecake that was as finely detailed as a horse made out of marzipan.  She finally relented and I was able to get some sleep.

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West Coast, look out! Here comes baby!

20 Feb
Samantha at Baby Shower
Centerpiece at Shower
Costco Cake

This weekend, Samantha and I went to a baby shower in Spokane.  We got TONS of baby clothes and some awesome chocolate cake. I also got to hold one of my wife's cousin's baby because I "needed the practice."  I continue to be so surprised about how gendered our society still is when it comes to raising children.  For most of the shower, I was the only male present.  My brother-in-law did show up with my niece and nephew half-way through the shower, but he quickly went outside with the kids. 

Being the only male there, and Samantha one of only two women there who did not have children, I learned a lot about the the extended families views on childrearing.   Luckily, I am apparently a "very good husband," because I go with my wife to all of her checkups and am taking an active interest in the birth of my daughter.  This was not the norm for most of Sam's cousins, despite the fact they are all around the same age as Samantha and I. 

The shower actually started to dredge up all sorts of nerves since the mountain of pink outfits has really hit home how real this how thing is.  I even had a dream where I was laying in bed in the Guest room at Sam's parents house and I saw a brilliant flash of light out the window in the direction of Seattle.  I was pretty certain it was a nuclear bomb and I tried to get out of bed to see if Spokane was also being nuked and I couldn't move.  Sam seemed to be holding me in the bed.  Earlier that night, after some of the worst service I've had in a restaurant that I can remember, we were driving home and wondered out loud whether or not it was a good thing to be bringing a baby into the world given all the horrible things going on.  I was really scared that we'd have a child and then see the world destroyed in nuclear Armageddon.  Glad that my dreams could reassure me that all is well!

Fatherhood is going to be one strange trip.

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