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King Kong Update

18 Dec

Kong made an estimated $50.1 million its opening weekend, which when combined with its take on Wednesday and Thursday, gives it about $66 million so far. Is it a bomb? Well, it is still to soon to call. As I mentioned earlier, Titanic made only $28.6 million its opening weekend. The screen count was much lower though, with Titanic opening on 2674 screens versus Kong's 3568. That's a per screen average of about $10,700 versus $14,000. At this point, Kong had a much better opening weekend then Titanic. Eat that nay-sayers.

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3 hour movies don’t set daily box office recrods

15 Dec

My intuition has been telling me that King Kong is going to be a big bomb. Of course, expectations are so high that it might become a bomb even it it makes $200 million dollars. However, last night's opening seemed pretty poor at just $9.7 million. The Drudge Report is pointing out that this is less then the opening night of the first Pokemon movie. While I'd like to take as a sign the movie is going to bomb, I cannot do so in good conscious. Most people forget that Titanic, the most successful movie of all time despite my hatred of and predictions of doom for it, only made $28.6 million dollars its opening weekend. That's only the 171st biggest of all time. The key to Titanic's success was that its business just never dropped off. In fact, its second weekend box office grew by 28% over its opening weekend. Thats an extremely rare event for any movie. Seven weeks out, it was still making $25 million for the weekend. The secret? Titanic was 3 and half hours long, which most other movies can be played twice as often. More showings means more money, so don't count King Kong out yet. We'll have to wait until its second weekend to see what is in store.

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Beams R Us

25 Jun

First Impressions

28 Feb

So far, I'm not impressed with the Oscars.

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Resolved: This movie rocks!

27 Feb

After seeing "Finding Neverland," I propose the following:

Resolved: Josie and The Pussycats is the greatest movie of all time.

Can I get a second? Or at least a third?

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Oscar race update, my secret shame edition

27 Feb

So, I caved and went and saw a film nominated for best picture with my dad. I have to say that Finding Neverland was amazing.

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It’s Oscar Time

24 Feb

The Oscars are this weekend. I'll probably blog about them a little later, but I wanted to share a tidbit about this year's ceremony. This year will be the first since the 1988 Oscar's (in March of 1989) that I haven't seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture. In fact, before 1988 I only remember seeing two best picture nominees —- E.T. (1982) and the Last Emperor (1987) —- in their original theatrical release (the rerelease of Star Wars doesn't count). I want to see all of the nominees, except maybe The Aviator, but just haven't had the time or ability to see them. I could go see Sideways tomorrow, but I think I will stay home. Not knowing anything about football helped me win the office football pool, so maybe I'll do well at predicting Sunday's winners.

In a sidenote, I found the this burn of Mel Gibson in the BBC's coverage of betting on the Best Actor category very amusing:

Meanwhile Mel Gibson's Braveheart has come top of a list of the most undeserving films to win a best picture Oscar, compiled by film critics for magazine Empire.

Most undeserving best picture winner of all time? Have they not seen The Greatest Show on Earth? (Well, I guess they have since it came in third behind A Beautiful Mind).

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