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How I feel

4 Nov

An allegory for how I feel:

After playing hide and seek with SANParks officials for two months, Bertha the wandering hippo was shot yesterday.

Yes, the Democrats are a dead hippo. Yeah our side! More later.

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Hippo Abuse

20 Oct

Imponderable of the day

6 Aug

Using the healing powers of a horse is called Hippo Therapy. So what do they call the healing powers of a hippo?

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Hippo kills man on boat

7 Jul

It appears that he Hippos of Africa continue to rack up a higher body count than the robots as they kill a man on a boat in Gambia.

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Hippos challenge robots for Burkina Faso

23 Jun

Burkina Faso: Hunting Revived to Control Rising Hippo Numbers

Lazing submerged in the river, the hippopotamus may seem a docile creature, but to the people of Burkina Faso it has become a menace – so much so that the government has made hippo hunting legal again.

There were fewer than 100 hippos in Burkina Faso just two decades ago and the large pachyderm appeared to be on the verge of extinction in this landlocked and semi-arid West African nation.

However, a recent government survey showed numbers have rebounded to around 1,400 following the imposition of a state hunting ban in 1991 and the establishment of privately-managed reserves where the animals are protected.

However, this resurgence of the hippo population has been greeted with concern by many farmers who live near rivers in the greener south of Burkina Faso. They are now forced to compete for food and water with these beasts that can weigh up to four tonnes.

"The hippos eat the grass where people farm, they live in the water where people fish and they eat the rice the farmers grow, too," Joseph Boni, the Provincial Director of the Environment for western Burkina Faso, told IRIN.

He does not know how to placate angry farmers who complain about hippos destroying their livelihoods. The government certainly does not have the money to pay damages to farmers who lose their crops.

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