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Bulk Mayonnaise Kills

20 Jun

Mayonnaise Kills, originally uploaded by hedgeman.

This is a warning label on a bucket of mayonnaise on sale at Costco.  The bucket is so large, that children can apparently fall into it and drown.  Now that's bulk!!

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21 Dec

Pass The Potato

13 Jul

Rub a dub dub, four presidents in a tub.

8 Jul

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, don’t do that, c

24 Jun

Thirsty: Drink the Kool-AideFrist ClassHere are a couple pictures of amusing signage that I've been meaning to post.  People should think before they post signs (or blog entries for that matter!)

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Spidey, the good Samaritan.

2 Mar

Is Jumping the Shark illegal anywhere?

27 Feb

From the Guardian (via Boing Boing) comes this at first highly amusing story about a pair of students from England:

… A couple of students from Cornwall are intent on making American criminal history by spending their summer breaking as many US laws as possible.

Starting in the liberal state of California, they hope to evade the attention of local police officers when they ride a bike in a swimming pool and curse on a crazy-golf course.

In the far more conservative – and landlocked – state of Utah, they will risk the penitentiary when they hire a boat and attempt to go whale-hunting.

If they manage to outwit state troopers in Utah, and perhaps federal agents on their trail, they will be able to take a deserved, but nevertheless illegal, rest when they have a nap in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

The reason for this trip? They want a book deal. Now I think it was really funny when Tony Hawks (not the skater) traveled "Round Ireland with a Fridge," but crazy British people traveling around a former colony doing something strange isn't that funny in itself. I think the getting the book deal to pay for your drinking in a foreign country gravy train needs to stop because it has jumped the shark.

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