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Getting Rid of Stuff is So Easy Because It’s Junk

19 Aug

I have been trying for two years to clean my stuff out a storage unit my family has rented in Kalispell since I was in college.  While I was in Iowa, I just didn't have the time or space to do anything about it.  Now that I am back in Montana, I figured it was time to get out of there once and for all.  The problem is that I have not been able to get access until this summer because no one would give me a key (or admit that they had one in some cases).  Annoyingly, my sister has been telling me all that time that she couldn't clean her stuff out of the unit because my stuff was in the way.  This was amusing to me because I have way less stuff than she does, despite her repeated denials. 

Now that I am finished, I want to present photographic evidence that I have always had less stuff in the storage unit than my sister.  The first photo you see to your right is a "before" shot of the storage unit.  My stuff is on right, my sister's stuff is on the left.  The second photo you see on the right is an "after" shot of the storage unit once my cleaning was completed.  I totally have less stuff.  I must admit that I did pad my sister's side in this shot a little by piling all the boxes that I emptied into the trash in front of her side.  Still, she has way more stuff than me.

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Hate Radio

20 Apr

It's always nice to see references to my hometown on the Internets. Especially, when one of the hometown radio stations is used to show how hate radio (and hate bloggers) can be used to target people for violence. When the best thing you can say about it is that we have had any genocide in Kalispell so far, you know you should be embarassed.

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It was her fault

16 Jul

A headline from my hometown paper:"Big Mountain, Hines break up"

Rest assured it has nothing to do with me or my family.

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New High School

26 Feb

Board backs two high schools

The Kalispell school board voted Wednesday night to work toward building a second high school, preferably on Section 36 north of town, and to pursue converting Kalispell Junior High School to a middle school for grades 6-8.

It's about freakin time people. Kalispell has the largest high school in the state of Montana, and while not large compared to a lot of other high schools, students can only fit into the current building because ninthe graders are banished to the junior high school with the eighth graders. I'm glad to see the board supports a second high school, I just hope the voters will equally supportive of the bond levy to do it.

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