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21 Dec

Robots say, “Europe needs more Robots”

7 Oct

The robots have been quiet about their plans for world domination as of late, but they couldn't hide from me forever. In fact, they revealed their strategy for starting a war on two fronts:

European Union (EU) member states are losing out to the Japanese when it comes to developing useful robots that are commercially available. The European Commission (EC) urged businesses to turn their robotics research into viable products much more quickly than they do now.

Yes, even my beloved Europe may soon be taken over by the robot conspiracy.

Link: BBC NEWS | Technology | Europe needs bigger robots push

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“Save the Robots?” From what?

15 Jun

Apparently, Dublin's Art Community is controlled by robot sympathizers. The city is hosting a "Save the Robots" festival next week:

Robots will be pushing shopping trolleys around Dublin's streets and robotic ducks will be swimming in the ponds of St Stephen's Green as part of a festival of robots starting this month.

Save the Robots will kick off at the Ark in Dublin's Temple Bar on June 22 and feature an exhibition, festival and workshops examining robots in film, fantasy and art.

Audiences will have the chance to build their own robot or create a mini science fiction film. The festival will also feature Artbots, a New York-based 'robot talent show' that is visiting Europe for the first time.


Link: Campaign aims to Save the Robots

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Girl Power

11 Mar

Et tu Powerpoint?

22 Feb

So I was reading a story about the idea that artificial intelligence could someday be used to fight wars and I discovered this most disturbing sentence:

Already schematized into PowerPoint presentations with tangled colored arrows, talking points and an Orwellian lexicon – "soldier systems," "networked lethality," "war fighter machine interfaces" – the rationale for the effort is laid out in an Army promotional video: "Either you create your future or you become the victim of the future someone creates for you."

So our plan to use computers to fight wars is already laid out in PowerPoint. Not only is the enemy shaking in their boots, but the robots are laughing at how easily they can manipulate us.

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Going Postal Robotic Style

26 Jan

It's still Tuesday, so posting robot related news late still counts. That said, what the heck is up with this?

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), a cutting-edge developer of robots in Kansai Science City in Seikacho, Kyoto Prefecture, recently set up an affiliate to sell humanoid robots.

The affiliate, ATR-Robotics Co., which was set up on Jan. 14, has entrusted post offices in the Kansai region to take orders for the robots and ship them via Yu-pack parcel service in an attempt to expand sales from researchers and robot enthusiasts to the general public.

Since when did Post Offices sell robots? Japan is a really crazy place when it comes to robots.

Link: Daily Yomiuri On-Line

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Your robot wants muscle

18 Jan

Tiny robots powered by living muscle have been created by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The devices were formed by "growing" rat cells on microscopic silicon chips, the researchers report in the journal Nature Materials.

Less than a millimetre long, the miniscule robots can move themselves without any external source of power.

Link: 'Living' robots powered by muscle

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