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23 Aug

I strongly encourage you to get a Livejournal. One of the reasons my postings have been less frequent here is because I am posting over there. I've included a sidebar of my posts from there, so you can see what I'm up too. LiveJournal has some nice features that allow you to keep in touch with friends a bit more interactively then you do with just a standard blog.

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21 Oct

I've decided to give myself a new tag-line: "A Member of the Reality-Based Community since November 8, 1984." The reason that I choose this particular date is because one of my first political memories is the election of Ronald Reagan. I was a big Mondale booster, not really understanding the dynamics of American politics at the time. Having been freed of my delusion by the election results of November 7, I begin living in reality the next day.

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mind plagerism

2 Sep

Sorry about the lack of posting. The start of the year has been busier then expected. I'm also heading out of town for a few days, so don't expect anything until at least Sunday. Lots of good blogging going on right now though so read other people and you can just imagine that I wrote it.

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No saving angel

21 Jul

I took down my link to the efforts to save Angel since it isn't going to happen. I also took down the link to saving the Hubble telescope since it appears the website I was linking to forgot to pay their domain registration fee.

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Caution flag

18 Jul

Blogging will be light this week because of the Gabe situation and because my computer is back in the shop for the second time this summer.

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600 annoying things about me

21 Jun

600th post!!! That's just over 23 posts a year.

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“Pass the Referrer,” George the Goldfish says

27 Feb

The Hedgehog Times has received a total of 556 hits (as of 3:30PM) in nearly 27 days. A fifth of those in just the last 24 hours. While I want to believe that the rapid growth is due to my spectacular wit and charisma, the truth is that most of the hits are coming from search engines. Search engines, especially Google, seem to have gotten around to indexing my site. A close examination of my referrers raises some interesting questions about search engines and the people who use them.

The most common search bringing people to my site is throw rocks at boys. For some reason, my site is ranked #2 by google on this particular search. In fact, my site is second only to the site that my entry is about. If you just want to throw rocks I at #4.

Google also likes to paint me as the antichrist, since a search for signs of the apocalypse has me at #1. I'm also #1 for tabla rosa. And don't forget the #1 ranking for putin soviet union.

An AOL user asks "What does a brazilian monkey look like" and finds me at #27.

I rank #20 in a search for no man's land louisana, which reveals that much of my traffic comes from poor spellers who happen to find me via my poor spelling.

I hope that Campus Crusade for Chirst isn't planning a lawsuit against me about the Passion because I'm #4 on that list. If they are, it must be due to my high standing in the Apocalypse.

I'm #2 in the life (of) "collin powell", but just #3 in collin powell's failures. Most informative of all, I rank #12 for collin powell and gay marriage. Sorry about misspelling your name Mr. Secretary. I'll take out the extra "l."

When not misspelling, I'm the #7 source for the video they don't want you to see. I'm #5 for chicken gun, #6 for Devo media, and also #6 for Hedgehog music.

My site is #10 in your search for Categorical models of music and #7 for Kucinich Edwards caucus 15.

In the end however, I think I am most proud of being #5 for george the goldfish swim bladder sling.

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