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Impatience makes the world go round. Or maybe soccer.

4 Mar

I am getting very restless.  I want that baby out now.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I was the one actually carrying the baby.  I've been tormenting the cats all morning because I want to play with the baby and they are the most baby like things in the apartment.  Gabe even runs away when he sees me coming.  I know, it's sad.

When I'm not obsessing over the baby, I habe been doing all that other stuff that I do.  I'm reading an interesting book, How Soccer Explains the World, which tries to use soccer as a metaphor to explain the effects of globalization.  While the book is not very rigorous in its methods, it is a very unique way of exploring the topic.  Perhaps its best contribution is showing how the global and the local interact.  Soccer is a global phenomena, but one that takes on the color of the local in which it is played.  For example, Brazil plays some of the best soccer in the world, but has been unable to turn it into a profitable league sport like professional athletics in the United States because of corruption, a local specialty.  I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding just how meaningful soccer is to the world outside the United States.

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Sexism in the Olympics

21 Feb

I used to think ski jumping was cool, but not anymore:

Both Johnsons are among the best ski jumpers in the world. Alissa is ranked ninth among the top women who compete, about 141 spots higher than her brother sits in the men's rankings. But only 16-year-old Anders is preparing to compete for the U.S. Winter Olympic team this week in the Alps north of Turin. Not because Alissa can't fly far. But because women ski jumpers aren't allowed in the Olympics, for reasons older than the hills.

Link: Rules let a brother fly, but clip sister's wings — Newsday.com.

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Linfield bigger in Midwest than Montana

12 Dec

I'm not really sure why, but in this morning's Cedar Rapids Gazette Linfield's victory over Rowan in the NCAA Division III semi-finals got top billing in the NCAA football playoffs story. The story was actually three briefs on three semi-final games under a common headline: "Linfield blanks Profs for shot at D-III title." I guess it was because the QB set the NCAA single season TD record or something. Still, it is a surprise to see your small college alma mater mentioned in a medium-sized headline in a Midwestern paper since Montana's victory in NCAA Division I-AA was bigger news in terms of the size of the schools. I guess Linfield is just cooler.

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Evil is defeated.

21 Oct

Yeah, the Yankees lost!

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Europe’s “Superbowl” is bigger

11 Jul

A fact you should know is the population of the EU is now sizably bigger then the US (on the magnitude of 100 million or so). Anyway, not only is the EU 33% bigger then the US but Europe's premiere sporting event had an estimated audience much large then the much hyped Superbowl. So much for American football being #1.

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19 Jun

“Tre strikes and you’re fuori”

26 May
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