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Tokenism on “The Amazing Race”?

18 Aug

The only minority family on "The Amazing Race 8" is — the Black Family.

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Canada: Don’t get too attached to Dargo

6 Mar

The saddest part of the Toronto Sun's sci-fi fans cultish attempts at saving their canceled TV shows is the fact that the Farscape miniseries hasn't aired in Canada yet.

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First Impressions

28 Feb

So far, I'm not impressed with the Oscars.

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Phil makes me a promise

26 Feb

In the TV insert of today's paper, Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race, says, "I honestly believe number 7 is the best race that we have ever had. That has a lot do with the teams we have, and I can assure you that the show has moved back to its roots in terms of the things that made people fall in love with it the first place." I take that to mean not only fewer models and more shots of Phil, but also as a promise that the show will be better this season. Don't break my heart again Phil. I will hold you personally responsible if the season 7 sucks.

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19 Oct

"You're the Johnny Appleseed of Détente."

Yes, yes I am.

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30 Jul

I got a call last week to participate in an audience response survey for a half-hour sitcom pilot. I was like, sure send me the tape. I was to watch it last night (which I did) and then they were supposed to call me back tonight. Now the pilot was absolutely horrible. The show centered on a trio of dads with the "lead dad" was recently divorced. The storyline was the divorced dad was too busy to participate in the planning of his son's birthday. Instead of admitting this to his ex-wife, he tells her that he actually planned his own party and you can guess what happens when you try to plan a birthday party at the last minute. Total disaster, except that the lizard man he got at the last minute had a snake who ate a rabbit and the kids loved it. Yeah. The moral? You can't be a parent at the last minute (thanks for the final minute in the dinner telling me the moral. I might have missed it). Anyway, the show also had commercials. I didn't watch them. Guess what? That was the main emphasis of the questions when they called me back tonight to ask me about the pilot. The first question was what I found most memorable. My answer, "Rue McClanahan." The former golden girl was the day-care operator who had the WORST German accent in sitcom history. It was so bad, I couldn't not remember it. When they asked me about the commercials, I couldn't actually remember any of them. The accent destroyed my memory. HAHA!

Not remembering the commercials wasn't the only that thing that I did to challenge "the Man." The tape was a "special tape" that erased itself as it played. Now being the fairly intelligent person that I am, I realized the only way that you could make a VHS tape erase itself was if it had a magnet attached. Sure enough, when I opened the top of the cassette I found a little piece of electrical tape. When I peeled the tape off, out came the magnet. Having disarmed the special tape, I can now watch my favorite episode of "Dads" as much as I want to. HAHA!

Now, I was curious if others had blogged about their experince with "Dads." It turns out it has been making the rounds for over a year. One guy was a little rude to the survey people, but this columnist for a Pennsylvania paper agreed that "It would be up to me to determine whether Rue McClanahan would have a career as a Nazi day-care operator." Yes, the only reason Blanche had a German accent was because Germans are scary. Eek! The Germans are coming to eat my babies. Oh, and just to emphasize again that the accent was really, really bad, this reviewer said the accent "wavers in and out like the signal of some distant radio station".

If anyone wants the tape, let me know. Nils, I might send it to you with the magnet.

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Ken Jennings update

24 Jul

Although I didn't see it myself since I was taking Gabe to the vet, Ken Jennings set the record for the largest single day haul on Jeopardy. I commented on Wednesday that Jennings was goading Alex Trebeck by not breaking that particular record. He'd tied it three times, but hadn't broken it yet. Breaking it Friday (smashing it really) might not seem like a big deal, except I think it says how much this guy controls the game. The show went on its summer hiatus. It won't be back until September. So on the last show of the season Jennings demolishes the record that just two days earlier he had made a conscious effort to tie. He clearly is just playing with Trebeck and with the rest of us.

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