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Wedding Picture

7 Jul


Here is a wedding picture for all you wedding junkies. Sam doesn't like it, but is the only one I have at the moment.

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Marriage Countdown

6 Jun

So, I'm getting hitched in about five hours. It is a bit scary, but what isn't? I mean I'm scared to get out of bed most mornings because I know Lolli will be there to lick me. Cat germs are very dangerous, especially ones that have grown hardy on Lolli's tongue. I would say that getting married is far less scary then the cat's tongue. In fact, I would hardly say that I'm scared, really just nervous. I'm more worried that Samantha will get sick and not be able to go through with the ceremony. She's been running a high fever (102 degrees) for several days now. It also looks like we are going to have an indoor wedding. The rain hasn't appeared as expected, but it is very cold and windy. It could also start raining at any momment. Oh well.

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De Je Vu?

6 Apr

Police Escort Drunken Groom to His Wedding

A German man was forced to invite the police to his wedding after they arrested him for drunk driving the day of his marriage and had to escort him to the registry office, authorities said Monday.

Is this going to be me? We've got two months and a day tell we find out.

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“With This Rig, I Do Thee Wed”

10 Mar

I love Sam, but I'm not getting her a wedding computer.

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They should throw rose petals

23 Feb

Grenade Blast Kills Bride at Wedding

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – A grenade exploded at a wedding in eastern Ethiopia, killing the bride and three other people, state-run Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported on Friday.

In Ethiopia's remote, rural communities it is not uncommon for guests to fire their guns in the air at weddings in wild jubilation, although incidents involving grenades are rare.

"A grenade fell from a belt of an individual during a group dance at a wedding ceremony at Hamyao Sera farmers' community in eastern Ethiopia killing four persons including the bride who was participating in the dance last Saturday," ENA said.

Police called on people owning illegal weapons such as grenades to hand them to the authorities for their own safety. Ethiopians must have a license to own a firearm.

I think I will ask the wedding guests to leave the grenades at home since it would be my luck that I'd be hit instead of Sam.

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The perfect outfit

19 Feb

I think Sam and I would look fetching in these outfits during our summer wedding. Don't you?

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